Tips on Keeping Your Carpets Clean


So you’ve just got some brand spanking new carpets and they are looking great – and if all goes well, you’d  like to keep it that way! This article will discuss some common sense tips on keeping carpet clean and new looking.

Tips on Keeping Your Carpets Clean

Tips on Keeping Your Carpets Clean
Remove your shoes before entering the home. Taking off your shoes before coming in is one of the easiest and best ways to keep dirt from ever getting into the carpet in the first place. Think about all the areas your shoes have been – public sidewalks, break room floors, bathroom floors in public buildings, clubs, and so on – do you really want to bring anything touching that in contact with your carpets? Getting in the habit of simply taking off those shoes before walking into the house is a great habit to make. Asking guests to remove shoes can sometimes be ackward, but leading by example is the best method short of asking them to take off the shoes.

Put a nice rug outside the door to wipe your feet on. If you’re unable to follow the first tip above, putting a rug outside the door will motivate people to wipe their feet before entering.

Put a nice rug inside the door to wipe your feet on. Now this is a funny follow-up to tip number 2, but I’ve noticed something interesting – almost like a weird psychological experiment – but if you put a second rug on the inside of the door, people who have just wiped there feet outside will probably go ahead and do it again. So now you’ve got people wiping their feet twice instead of once. Try it, it works!

photo credit: m,!Vacuum once a week, every week. Regularly vacuuming those carpets will remove the dirt and grime before it has a chance to bond with the carpet fibers for the long term. This is one of the most obvious carpet cleaning tips yet how many people out there allow there carpets to go weeks and even months before vacuuming them? A weekly schedule is the best method for long term care and cleaning. For more specifics on vacuuming, see this article: Cleaning Carpets with a Vacuum Cleaner.

Get your carpets professionally cleaned once a year, ever year. A professional carpet cleaning service will be able to remove far more dirt and dust and other dirty things – like pet dander – from your carpets, even if you follow all the tips above. You can’t go wrong with hiring a professional to clean the carpets! You and your carpets will be happy you did.

For more information on carpet cleaning, see Preparing for Carpet Cleaning and the Carpet Cleaning FAQ.